Ex-ultra Orthodox in the media

Poverty in the IDF: Thousands jailed for economically-motivated desertion among them also ex-ultra orthodox soldiers/ by Haggai Matar

An article on the poverty of I.D.F soldiers that receive no family support:

Every year tens of thousands of soldiers turn to the army for Economic assistance. These soldiers can not exist with a military salary. Many of them defect in order to go find work elsewhere, and end up in army prisons. "I could not hold anything with 700 shekels per month," said a fighter who defected.

Currently serving in the I.D.F are hundreds of ex-ultra orthodox soldiers that have to make due without family support.

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Hagai Matar wrote about this issue on 972mag: Channel 2 News aired a story of unique importance, offering a glimpse into the world of financial difficulties awaiting Israeli soldiers. A Knesset report indicated that thousands of soldiers desert yearly for financial reasons.

August 18, 2013

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