Ex-ultra Orthodox in the media

Against All Odds / Asaf Phillip tells his story on channel 2 TV series

A new TV series on Channel 2 presents social change activists who are part of the NIF family, and who have been able to empower themselves and their surroundings, bringing hope to their communities and Israeli society in general.

The second part of the series tells the story of Asaf Phillip, 30, who was born into the ultra-orthodox community, turned his back on religion at 25 and found himself alone in the secular world. At this point he was helped by Hillel: Association for Jews Leaving Ultra-Orthodoxy, a veteran NIF grantee. Subsequently Asaf became a volunteer with Hillel and eventually its Chairman. Thus he came full circle from a recipient of help to a provider of assistance - from helplessness to somebody who empowers others.

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January 19, 2006

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